Pokeeto MultiGO



Pokeeto introduces MultiGO - trucks and tractors equipped with unique easy-switch system of extensions and trailers. In a wink of an eye kids can switch from waste collector to a fire truck, tank truck or a dumper.

Children love to change and modify, fulfill their dreams with MultiGO!


Information for potential foreign business partners:

Do you like Pokeeto MultiGO or other products we manufacture and you want to distribute it in your country? Great idea! We will be happy if you let us know. Please, feel free to contact our business manager at zelenka@efko.cz. The same applies if you need more information or have any other question.

The unique bayonet easy-switch system of extensions is patented.

Take a look at MultiGO sets:

A brand new set „1+2 Building platform“

Fully compatible with the well known kits with the same size of bricks 


Pokeeto MultiGO - Waste collector Pokeeto MultiGO - Tractor

Pokeeto MultiGO 1+2 – Waste collector

Package contains: green truck, grey-green waste collector, one dustbin and orange dropside

Pokeeto MultiGO 1+2 - Tractor

Package contains: red tractor, removable shovel, trailer and green dropside
Pokeeto MultiGO - Dumper Pokeeto MultiGO - Tank truck

Pokeeto MultiGO 1+2 - Dumper

Package contains: orange truck, orange dumper and green dropside

Pokeeto MultiGO 1+2 – Tank truck

Package contains: red truck, yellow tank and yellow dropside.
Pokeeto MultiGO - CITY

Pokeeto MultiGO - FARM

Pokeeto MultiGO – City BIG SET

Package contains: 2 trucks, 2 lightbars, trailer, 3 extesions, 3 Pokeeto figures and accessories

Pokeeto MultiGO – Farm BIG SET

Package contains: tractor, shovel, truck, lightbar, trailer, 2 extensions and 3 Pokeeto figures

Check out also the MultiGO accessories:

Pokeeto MultiGO - Waste collector Pokeeto MultiGO - Trailer Pokeeto MultiGO - Multibox

Pokeeto MultiGO - Waste collector

Pokeeto MultiGO - Trailer

Pokeeto MultiGO - Multibox Police/Post

Dumper Dropside Tank

Pokeeto MultiGO - Dumper

Pokeeto MultiGO - Dropside

Pokeeto MultiGO - Tank

Pokeeto MultiGO - driver Pokeeto MultiGO - Tractor driver Igráček MultiGO majáky

Pokeeto MultiGO - Driver

Pokeeto MultiGO - Tractor driver

Pokeeto MultiGO - Lightbars

Garbage man Builder Logo POKEETO

Pokeeto MultiGO - Garbage man

Pokeeto MultiGO - Builder



Important benefit of MultiGO is variability. Kids can combine not only within MultiGO series, but also with another components of the Pokeeto world. Trailer is attachable behind Pokeeto cars. All Pokeeto figures fits into truck cab, on the tractor seat or on waste collector’s footboards. Moreover, Pokeeto world consists of unique HANDY boxes and other accessories, which together can form a great city. This way of playing is very important for kids, because it develops their fantasy, helps to create stories and contributes to development of fine motor activity.




vyrobeno v ČR

All the parts of MultiGO are made in the Czech Republic, Europe, using high quality ABS materials. Thanks to this, kids can play both indoors and outdoors with no limitation. Certificate of wholesomeness proves suitability for kids from the age of 2 years.

After a successful launch on Czech and Slovak market this Christmas, we are happy to present MultiGO on international market. Are you interested in distribution of MultiGO in your country? Contact Radek Zelenka, business manager at zelenka@efko.cz.

You can also download press release with more information about MultiGO and Pokeeto here.



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