About us

We develop and manufacture our own bespoke games, toys, luxury cardboard packaging and marketing materials.

We are a traditional Czech manufacturer of quality toys.

We are one of the few to declare proudly that our portfolio is still actually manufactured in the Czech Republic, namely in two factories: in Nové Veselí and in Korouhev near Polička.

We make toys primarily for younger children, but we remember older age groups, too. We focus particularly on board games, jigsaw puzzles, cards, memory games, dominoes and play sets. We also manufacture the first-rate construction set ROTO and, last but not least, the legendary Pokeeto figures and MultiGO cars.
In 2019, Pokeeto added the Czech ITES slot car track brand.

We can make larger quantities of inexpensive and quality advertising items (jigsaw puzzles, games…), POS and POP materials and various types of packaging for products. We also offer attractively priced pasting, punching, automated gluing - 1, 2, 3 points.

Značka odpovědného lesnictví A lot of our products are made from paper. However, we are not indifferent to what environment our children will inherit from us. So, we care about responsible forest management. That is why we hold FSC® certificates and we are able to deliver all our paper products with this certificate. More info here

Social responsibility

Most of our products are intended for children.
We care about the world they will inherit.

Who we have supported

We have brought joy to both children and grown-ups since 1993.