How is a game born?

A good idea is not enough by itself. It has to be given the right shape.
Our team with experience in game manufacturing since 1993 will help you transform your idea into a quality product.

The idea is actually the most precious thing. However, it often turns out that it is not original and should be reconsidered.
The author’s intention for the game may not be recognisable from the idea alone. The design is more specific. It also reveals the weak points. It is frequently the most important step.
The prototype enables the first real play session with real players and reveals the weak points. Playing helps finalise rules, eliminate shortcomings and increase the game attractiveness for players.
Manufacturing is a technical process with a number of difficulties. A reliable supplier knows how to tackle them and carry your game through to the end, including packaging.
The game is complete and now it has to find one of the many ways to its players. It has to be promoted so it does not get drowned among the other games in the wide offer on the market.

What should a good game have
to entertain players?

Do not look for a universal success formula. There is none. There are very successful games that are simple and built on a single idea. They often came to life within hours. But there are also very successful complex games that took years to make. The contrary is also true, of course.

The game itself often turns the player into a different person. Sometimes you become a conqueror, sometimes a guardian. It allows you to experience something new each time, but it also teaches you to win and lose.

“Asking why people play games is like asking a person in love why they fell in love.” J. A. Thompson (Australian archaeologist)

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