We are proud to see our customers staying with us
not only for the quality and reliability or our production.

Game with the Largest Board in the World
We have made the game with the largest board in the world, listed in Guinness World Records. It contains four hard-cover maps measuring 830x574 mm and three hard-cover mini maps and displays measuring 420x297 mm, giving it a total of 2.2799 square metres.
EFKO = Experience
Our German customers positively rate our expert advice for dealing with technical features of games or selecting suitable components. Thanks to good manufacturing optimisation, we surprise customers with an affordable price while retaining high quality.
Educational Games
We manufacture games for globally successful customers who design educational game collections.
Games for Demanding Customers
Our customers insist on high quality workmanship and fast product availability. We manufacture games designed for demanding European, Japanese and other markets.
Games in Smaller Batches
Our customers appreciate our high quality, fast delivery, ability to manufacture smaller batches and assistance in graphic data assembly.
Precision Processing
Demonstration of advanced manufacturing technology – precise connection of an inner print on a box with the outer covering.
We cooperated on the winning product of the STAR OF 3D ADVERTISING competition for 2019.
Our 3D noughts and crosses won the following awards:
- Absolute Winner
- 1st place in the category Tailor Made
- Innovation of the Year
Igráček – Custom-Made Figure
The popular Czech plastic toy figurine "Igráček" provides an answer to the demanding ideas of many domestic and global companies for an ideal advertising item for their business partners and customers, or a gift for their employees. Non-standard models are becoming valuable collector items. Igráček has now even worn the uniforms of companies such as SHELL, Starbucks, Deloitte, ČEZ, etc.
3D Models
Our technology allows us to manufacture special complex cut-outs.
Here, we apply them to model tanks, aircraft and other scale models.
Custom Pokeeto
Figure of Pokeeto for Spanish market
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