Why choose EFKO?

Not only experience since 1993 and complete manufacturing
under one roof.
There are definitely more reasons for choosing EFKO.

We can share our experience
We know what works, what is easy to make and what is complicated. Thus, we can avoid problems that others would reveal later in production.
We manufacture in the Czech Republic (EU)
It is not about being patriotic or just wanting to support “domestic products”. You can see our manufacturing first-hand and come check it any time. We are within reach.
We are open to discussion
We insist that where there is a will, there is a way. We can certainly agree on a fully satisfactory solution.
We are not afraid of unconventional solutions
We like trying out new things and we do not avoid them. An unconventional solution is not always financially attractive, but we will point that out in time.
We are fast
The goods needn’t travel halfway across the world and agreement with us is flexible. Thus, you can have the final products faster (6–8 weeks) than when manufacturing in China.
Our entire production is under one roof
You do not have to handle problems. We will work them out. You have your terms and conditions with us and needn’t worry about anything else.
Complete production under one roof
in the Czech Republic
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